B5G/6G Wireless Networks

近年、スマートフォンの普及に伴って、LTEやWi-Fi等の無線ネットワークからのインターネット接続が急速に広がっています。 総務省情報通信白書によれば、モバイルトラヒックは年間約2倍のペースで増加しており、その傾向はさらに強まっています。 その他、2020年頃には7兆台の無線機器が70億人の生活を支える時代、つまり一人あたり1000台の超多端末モバイル時代が来るとの予想などが報告されています。




In recent years, with the spread of smartphones, Internet connections from wireless networks such as LTE and Wi-Fi are spreading rapidly. According to the Information and Communication White Paper of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, mobile traffic is increasing at about twice the pace per year, and its trend is strengthening further. In addition, around 2020 it is reported that 7 trillion units of wireless devices will support the lives of 7 billion people, that is, the expectation of an era of 1000 super mobile terminal per person will come.

Research and development on radio network technology that effectively utilizes radio waves is an important subject to increase such explosive mobile traffic.

Wireless network technology is composed of physical layer technology that achieves high capacity utilizing the physical properties of electromagnetic waves and the application layer that provides convenience for people using wireless terminals. Between the physical layer and the application layer are the intermediate layers (media access sublayer, network layer, transport layer etc.) that connects the bottom and top layers.

In this laboratory, we are researching and developing the middle layer technology which effectively conveys the potential of the physical layer to the application layer. In particular, we are studying the 2nd layer (L2), 3rd layer (L3), 4th layer (L4) using the new physical layer technology (L1) shown in Fig 1.

図1 新たな物理層技術

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